Christian influencer scorns MAGA folk for idolizing Trump, warns of the anti-Christ (video)

This anti-vax, anti-mask, Fauci-bashing, God-pushing, far-right TikToker checks all the MAGA boxes except one: she accuses Trump followers of idolatry, a trait that won't protect them from the anti-Christ.

"I have never seen a human being be worshipped the way that conservatives are worshipping Donald Trump," conservative Christian influencer Morgan Ariel said in a recent post (see below). "And if you dare speak out about it, you get viciously attacked. … It's no wonder why God allowed him to be removed from office. Because our god is a jealous god, and he does not play games with idolatry, and that's exactly what's going on in this movement."

She then warned the blind people who follow her: "The people who blindly follow man are going to be the same person deceived by the anti-Christ when he pops up on the scene. So I would tread very very lightly," she says, later referring to Trump and politicians in general as people who "don't care about you one bit."

Welp, her days of MAGA inclusion are numbered.