Disney might make their own version of Amazon Prime

Disney has more fans than they know what to do with. Last century, Disney's breadth was practically minuscule compared to the multimedia leviathan its become in the 21st century. They were always big, but now they're colossal. After acquiring the rights to Marvel and Star Wars, Disney basically became the kingpin of entertainment. In the years since both acquisitions, Disney also bought 20th Century Fox and created a streaming platform to rival Netflix. If this were a bare-knuckle boxing match in a boxcar, Disney would be the big undefeated bloke with more scars on their hands than their face. 

You would think after this much success, Disney would take a break, but like any apex predator, the House of Mouse is looking to create a service akin to Amazon Prime for their most die-hard fans. According to the Wall Street Journal, Disney is discussing a way for customers who frequent their theme parks, Disney Plus, and other businesses a service that will reward their loyalty with perks and discounts. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that the company is pondering a new membership program that would bundle various Disney products and offer discounts or perks. The membership would resemble Amazon Prime, which offers advantages to its members like free shipping. Disney, with its theme parks, resorts, merchandise, streaming and more, could create a program that would make it worthwhile for heavy users of its offerings to enlist. The move continues a recent focus by the company to increase revenue, strategies that already have manifested at the theme parks and in the company's various streaming services.  It would also provide a treasure trove of information on spending habits and popular items. Plans still are being formulated, so no price points or details are being floated for the new service. A launch time frame is also nebulous.