Gamer concerns over "One D&D," the next-generation of the world's most popular tabletop roleplaying game

After the announcement a few weeks ago about the bold new direction Dungeons & Dragons was taking, as you might imagine, the Nerdiverse went nutso. Anytime you have changes that look so sweeping (the end of editions, full print and digital content integration, and a full virtual tabletop (VTT) "digital experience"), people are going to get understandably uncomfortable.

The videos below express and summarize many of the common concerns from the community. In general, it's not the end of editions or the rules tweaks that have gamers nervous. Some of the main concerns are the impact that the changes will have on the the face-to-face, physical game, the impact on your friendly local gaming store (already struggling in an Amazon ecosystem), and whether the ultimate goal here is to lock players behind a paywall to get the full D&D experience.

If Wizards of the Coast is looking to just provide more options and experiences for players (as they're saying), great. But if their future plan is to shift the D&D world from the physical tabletop to an online one, slowly starving out the former, then many of us who embrace tabletop gaming and RPGs expressly because they're face-to-face and physical, have every right to be concerned.

Thumbnail: One D&D promo image, Wizards of the Coast/Dungeons & Dragons