Here's a poster and teaser for the Quantum Leap reboot

Quantum Leap must be one of those once-in-a-lifetime premises for television showrunner. The show provides you with an overarching plot to keep long-term viewers riveted while offering self-contained, episodic adventures that can subtly echo the protagonist's season arc. 

Plus, Quantum Leap can oscillate in both tone and genre from episode to episode due to the body-hopping element of the series. It's one of those ideas that is an endless sandbox for any writer. That's why it's shocking that we're only just getting a reboot now. 

The Quantum Leap reboot first turned heads by announcing that Raymond Lee would anchor the show as Dr. Ben Seong. Now, NBC has released a few teaser trailers that effectively sell the show's premise to a new audience while simultaneously enticing fans of the previous series. 

Quantum Leap is set to debut later this month on the 19th on NBC and the network's exclusive streaming service, Peacock.