Channel your inner Einstein with this innovative calculator you can actually write on

While life has been made infinitely easier by being able to look up just about anything on your phone, there are just some calculations you could never figure out on that thing. Whether you have to solve complex equations for work or you're trying to make it through various math courses in school, having a great calculator on hand can never be overrated. 

Before you go digging for that chunky T-9 you used back in high school, upgrade your materials for this modern scientific calculator. In addition to performing all the functions you'd expect from a high-quality calculator, this gadget also features an erasable LCD writing tablet that you can literally scribble on whenever you need to solve a quick equation. 

While you may have a notebook or two on hand, there's something different about being able to write out a quick equation or two while you're concentrating on a certain calculation without thinking twice — it's like having a tiny little whiteboard you can write on at your disposal. And it even comes with an adorably small, easy-to-hold stylus for you to write with.

Incredibly lightweight, this scientific calculator is easy to bring around with you anywhere. It also features a dust-proof design, with a cover that protects it from dirt, dust, and whatever else is around. And it's great for all those butter-fingers out there who are worried about dropping it, as it features an anti-drop body. Since it runs on solar energy, you also don't have to stress about remembering to charge it in between uses.

From its easy-to-use design to its convenient nature, this calculator-turned-scribble pad is changing the way people work through problems and equations. It's no wonder it's earned a slew of rave reviews online, including a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on its manufacturer's website.

Save on the Scientific Calculator with Erasable LCD Writing Tablet, now just $34.19.

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