The Russo brothers' new Amazon show has a $235m budget

After directing four entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Russo brothers are no strangers to massive budgets, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, they're importing the practice to television. Its reported budget of $235m might not be enough to get it done.

It was set to be a flagship Amazon Prime Video series, with top Hollywood talent guiding what was envisioned as a major franchise for the ecommerce giant. However, cost overruns and creative differences are plaguing a series that has quietly become one of the most expensive shows ever produced. … Multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that differences in vision led to the exit of half the creative team and has forced the show — a spy thriller that is meant to launch local spinoffs — into a round of expensive reshoots.

It's hard to believe that we're still knee-deep in the Golden age of television. Although the idiot box was always popular, critics and audiences regarded television as an inferior medium to film for decades. In the late 90s, thanks largely to distribution methods and looser censorship, television experienced a boom period that we're still in the middle of. Before the Golden age, equipping a television show with a budget equivalent to a blockbuster film was an unfathomable concept. Post Game of Thrones and Amazon's The Rings of Power series, we've seen budgets for television show balloon to unwieldy proportions.