Kangaroo kills 77-year old Australian man keeping it as pet

Yikes. This past weekend a kangaroo killed a 77-year old man in Western Australia, and also prevented paramedics from administering life-saving help. This marks the first deadly kangaroo attack in Australia in 100 years. People explains:

When the ambulance arrived at the home, the kangaroo wouldn't let first responders reach him, according to the outlet.

Once on the scene, police fatally shot the kangaroo after it proved to be a threat to paramedics. However, it was too late to save the man.

"It is believed the man had been attacked by the kangaroo earlier in the day," a Western Australian Police Force spokesperson said according to the Australian Associated Press.

Authorities also stated that they believe the man had been keeping the kangaroo as a pet. Here's another reminder, folks, that wild animals are wild animals – it's best to leave them alone!