A Trump supporter in a clown wig was arrested for carrying three loaded guns into a Dairy Queen

A gentleman who intended to restore Trump to his "President King of the United States" status was arrested at a Dairy Queen. The pistol-packing MAGA was wearing a rainbow clown wig, a bright yellow safety vest, and was ready to kill Democrats and Liberals.

Trib Live:

Three loaded handguns and 62 rounds of ammunition were seized from a Hempfield man Saturday after Delmont police said he took one of the weapons into the Route 66 Dairy Queen.

Officers were responding to the area about 1:30 p.m. after a motorist reported an erratic driver wearing a bright yellow safety vest and rainbow clown wig walk into the restaurant with a gun, Police Chief T.J. Klobucar said. Police took him into custody and filed charges the following day.

Stawovy told investigators he had it to protect himself from drug traffickers, intended to kill "Democrats and liberals" and wanted to "restore (former President Donald) Trump to President king of the United States," police said in a news release.