Interactive art piece connects the world through sound

Sound of the Earth is a global interactive soundscape by sound artist Yuri Suzuki. The piece involves both an interactive website and a physical installation that is part of the Milan Triennale 23rd International Exhibition "Unknown Unknowns, An Introduction to Mysteries."

People are encouraged to record a piece of audio to enter the website. That audio is then combined via machine learning with the global feed of other sounds and human utterances. The piece is meant to be a reminder that we have a greater chance of finding common ground and connection when we take the time to actually listen to each other.

The physical installation of Sound of the Earth is a black 13' geodesic sphere in the entrance to the Triennale exhibition. Positioned around the sphere, through dozens of speakers, visitors can hear the sounds that are being submitted and composed via the Sound of Earth website.

Image: Sound of the Earth, Yuri Suzuk, used by permission of the artist.