Listen to the eerie sounds of near silence in formerly bustling cities

Atlas Obscura recorded the sounds of Times Square, Covent Garden, Grand Central Station, LAX airport, and other formerly noisy, people and traffic filled urban spots. Now all you hear is wind, a few cars, and recorded announcements. It's like a real world adaptation of "There Will Come Soft Rains."

This recording was taken at LAX airport during morning rush hour. Cars passed by strangely fast, construction crews continued to work, and the few remaining TSA agents were busy with their phones. For the hour I was there recording, nobody asked me to move my car. The vibe was creepy. There was almost no one else there, save a single traveler with a roller bag and someone collecting bottles and cans.

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This website lets you listen to pleasant noises while you work

Right now I'm listening to a mix of coffee shop chatter and tweeting birds. I'm using a website called A Soft Murmur, which lets you create an ambient mix of rain, thunder, waves, wind, fire, birds, crickets, coffee shop, singing bowl, and white noise. You can save your favorite mixes, too, or click a button for a random mix.

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Interactive sound pendulum evokes stream of consciousness

Denim Szram created Gedankenpendel, a speaker-ball that plays a continuous spoken thought, but when it's touched or moved, other thoughts begin to play simultaneously. The effect is quite disconcerting. Read the rest

Roll your own ASMR soundscape

ASMRion generates relaxing "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" soundscapes for you. There are ten sigils with sliders underneath them, each representing a particular sonic ingredient—"leaves rustling in the wind," "barbershop haircut," "whispering psychopath," etc—that allegedly trigger the vaunted ASMR response. Previously. Read the rest