Watch a blue crab molting at Navarre Beach Marine Science Station

"Look at what we saw during class today. This is a blue crab molting."

Have you ever seen a molting blue crab up close? Well, join these joyous and excited marine biology students discovered this blue crab caught in the act of disrobing its shell, skin and exoskeleton, while also regenerating a missing claw!

Student comments on the molting from the Navarre Beach Marin Science Station's Facebook page.

"He is almost there. Give him a second. Look at his skills."

"We have never seen this, like in the process of this. This is in the water."

"Miss Murry [according to CC], I'm getting a time-lapse. I can send it to you."

"This is a good teaching moment."

"They [claws] look floppy."

The excited tone of these students is an important a moment when the task of saving the earth is about both large and small transformations, moments of intimate connections, and the connections between the intimate and the infinite. The awe-inspiring moment of a molting crab, and the awe-inspiring moment of connect the molting crab to the need, perhaps, to shed the skin of rapacious and extractive consumerist capitalist culture? Spend a moment with this crab, the students and teacher, and their delight.

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