Colorado police bind woman on railroad tracks, let her get hit by a locomotive

The Kansas City Star reports that police in Platteville, Colorado went full-on Western movie villain on a woman following an alleged road-rage incident. After pulling the 20-year-old woman over near some railroad tracks, the police parked their own car on the railroad tracks, and threw the woman in the back seat of the squad car while they went to search her car — supposedly for a firearm, which is honestly confusing, because I was under the impression that this country was basically throwing out all oversight on firearms.

Anyway, while the cops were busy searching the woman's car for the alleged gun, a train came … and careened into the squad car, where the woman was detained. According to ABC News 7 Denver:

The suspect was taken to a Greeley hospital with a serious bodily injuries, according to the CBI. Her condition is not known. The officer and the train crew were not injured. 

The train did not derail and is still on the tracks, CSP said. Union Pacific has been notified about the crash.

Well, I'm so glad they clarified that the cops and the train were both okay!

Cops put woman in police car parked on tracks, CO officials say. Then a train came [Don Sweeney / The Kansas City Star]

CSP: Platteville PD vehicle with female suspect inside hit by train [Sydney Isenberg / ABC News 7 Denver]

Image: Jennifer Morrow / Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0)