Get this amazing AWS cloud training collection for a super great price

At this point, it's safe to say that cloud computing is not only here to stay but also here to grow (and no, we don't mean these clouds). But if you're someone who feels behind the eight ball on cloud technology, where can you turn?

Hope should not be lost for latecomers to the game. Fortunately, you can study cloud computing principles with this six-course Amazon Web Services (AWS) training and pay what you want to do it!

Included with the AWS collection is over 50 hours of content to help you become a master. All six classes are presented by Packt Publishing, a comprehensive online library specializing in information technology (IT) training. 

You can expect to learn what DevOps is, its principles, and how to build repeatable infrastructures using templates and configuration management. You'll also walk away equipped with AWS identity management and access control skills, ensuring your data security within AWS.

In Mastering AWS Lambda, you'll understand the hype, significance, and business of Serverless computing and applications. Finally, practical AWS networking will guide you in deploying highly available and fault-tolerant applications.

As far as cloud computing goes, AWS is bonafide, and there are plenty of accolades for it. According to IntelliPaat, "AWS is easy to use as the platform is specially designed for quick and secure access. Users can modify their data whenever they want, wherever they want."

The praise doesn't stop there, and neither do the benefits. Aptuz praises AWS for its ability to adapt when necessary, saying, "The most important feature in AWS is its flexibility. All the services work and communicate together with your application to automatically judge demand and handle it accordingly."

Usually $215, you can get the Complete Amazon Web Services E-Book Bundle for a super low price. If you pay less than the average price of other purchasers ($ 1 minimum), you will leave with something great. Paying the average price will let you bring home the entire bundle, while beating the leader's price will place you on the leaderboard and enter you into an epic giveaway!

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