Star Wars just used the "S" word for the first time

It may not seem like it now, but there was a time when Star Wars was the most popular franchise on Earth. In the distant year 1980, after Empire Strikes Back hit theaters, Star Wars' status as the most impactful film series of the 20th century was solidified. Even though Empire grappled with some of the darkest themes and scenes the franchise had seen to that point, it was still decidedly a children's film. A decision that George Lucas doubled down on with the inclusion of the overly cutesy Ewoks in Return of the Jedi

Again, Star Wars often hint at mature themes, but the franchise rarely skewed toward an older demographic. At the end of the day, Star Wars is basically a pretty commercial designed to move some action figures and playsets. However, after Disney's sequel trilogy and the failure of Solo: a Star Wars story, the IP has decided to lean heavily on gritty storylines with increased maturity levels to varying success. The Mandalorian was a critical and commercial success, whereas The Book of Boba Fett stumbled slightly. With their new series AndorStar Wars has broken new ground by using "shit" for the first time in the IP's lengthy history. 

"Shit" has finally hit the Star Wars universe thanks to the three-episode premiere of Andor on Disney+.

Posted to Twitter by various viewers, the clip, which you can see below, comes from "Episode 3." In it, Sergeant Linus Mosk of the Corporate Tactical Forces of Preox-Morlana is in pursuit of Cassian Andor, the show's protagonist. "Shit. We're under siege," the character, who is played by Alex Ferns, says. The event is noteworthy as, generally, Star Wars has avoided using real world swear words, instead substituting in things such as "poodoo" for words like shit.