Drag shows are more dangerous than guns says rational gentleman

With propagandists like Ron DeSantis likening drag shows to "child endangerment," you end up with stable genii such as the gentleman below.

"What do you think is more dangerous for children, going to drag shows or guns?" Jason Selvig of the Good Liars asked, to which the man answered, as if it were a no-brainer, "Drag shows, if you ask me!"

And then the fellow backed his answer with sheer logic. "Kids can own guns legitimately, [if you] use them the right way, but drag shows, it's just horrible."

He also explained that drag shows will change your life, and he knows this because "they weren't around when I was young, so I don't believe in it."

(Well, actually, drag shows were around when he was young, but maybe that's beside the point.)

"But a drag show probably wouldn't kill somebody," Selvig ventured to ask.

"No, it wouldn't kill anybody," the man said assuredly. In other words, drag shows are just more dangerous than guns, end of MAGA story.

Front page thumbnail image: Kiattipong / shutterstock.com