Glorious stripped-down version of Christopher Cross's "Sailing" you've likely never heard before

Christopher Cross's 1980 song "Sailing" is the archetype of Yacht Rock. It's a spectacular song, and I mean that without irony. As we know, the original was an orchestral number which meant that if Cross and his band were to mime/lip-sync the song on TV, it would look particularly ridiculous because the instruments you hear wouldn't even appear on the stage. Of course, this was (and is) very common but Cross would have none of that. So he recorded a stripped down arrangement of the tune for a six piece band. That recording was then used for their TV appearances so at least it appeared that they could have been playing it live.

Bonus comment by stuffitystuff on r/ObscureMedia: "… Christopher Cross is still the only person to look like both members of Tenacious D."

image: Anna Om/Shutterstock