Say goodbye to TVs for good: This projector is cooler AND cheaper

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Many folks would say that a television set is a home essential, but it has clear downsides. For one, they're typically expensive. Plus, once you mount one to your wall, that's where it has to stay, so you can't just switch up where you relax and watch movies. That's why TV and movie buffs are skipping the TVs and opting for portable projectors. 

And if you're on a budget, you might want to take a look at the Wewatch V50. It's a Full HD portable projector that consistently scores four-star ratings online. Usually retailing for $219.99, you can get a V50 projector today for just $144.99 or 34% off.

Here's why this particular projector might catch your eye. First, it offers incredibly clear and detailed visuals thanks to its 1080P resolution, meaning you shouldn't have to worry about the blurriness or fuzziness usually associated with projectors. Plus, you can project a precise image between 36 and 200 inches from up to 19 feet away from your wall.

You can easily adjust the projection angle by ±15 degrees with the Keystone Correction and focus adjustment, allowing you to project an image basically anywhere you'd like. The V50 is also easy to use, and you don't need fancy home theater equipment to fire it up!

While many folks like to use their projectors to watch TV shows and stream movies, you can go much further with the V50, thanks to its mirroring function and WiFi connectivity. Connect the projector to your phone to preview images or videos from your phone or laptop on your wall. You can also showcase a photo slideshow from your family vacation to guests. Or if you plan on making presentations, you can add a projector to your office to inspire collaboration with colleagues and clients.

Whatever you choose to use the Wewatch projector for, it can certainly add some flavor that you wouldn't normally have with your standard television set. So enhance your home theater and buy the Wewatch V50 Portable Projector for only $144.99. 

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