Mon Mothma makes her appearance in "Star Wars: Andor" episode 4

Andor's fourth installment continues the series' fantastic beat of showing the dark side of the Star Wars universe.

What does "Mon" mean in Star Wars? Andor episode four puts Mon Mothma center stage. Not a people like the Mon Calamari, or a planet like Mon Cala, Mon Mothma is her own whole person, and she is feeling the Empire creeping up and into her business. Mothma's problems at home are also unfortunate, her husband is a real dick and doesn't deserve cool antiquities.

After dumping Andor with the Apple Dumpling Gang, Luthen continues to be interesting; however, his apparent master of disguise routine isn't making much sense. I actually expected the sequence to result in Luthen changing into Mon Mothma or a surprise Bail Organa. Changing into himself was kind of anti-climactic.

Clearly this mission with the ADG will show us how Andor became such an expert stealer of things that save the galaxy, cause that appears to be his first job. Steal stuff to save the galaxy.

The worthless Corporate security dude is feeling some sort of introspection too. I am glad he got a hug.

I was hoping for more V.I.N.C.E.N.T. too.