This day/night home camera doubles and triples as a dash or body cam

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If we've learned anything from the great Sriracha shortage of 2022, it's that nothing is safe and sacred anymore. Even if your troubles are beyond hot sauce, the least you can do is keep your person and your personal belongings protected day or night. This TOKK CAM C2+ Range of Smart WiFi Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera can help with that.

If you need just a few more eyes on your stuff, the TOKK CAM is a great option for your home. You'll get full photos and videos in 1280x720P resolution, so images of whatever is clinking around are crystal clear. And, because it attaches to any metal surface, your home can be covered on all bases, whether you're checking out the kitchen, bedrooms, or just what's coming in the mud room door (you can also spend a good amount of time watching your cat doing weird crap, but that's for another time).

Need some more cushion? The camera also has a built-in mic, so you can give whatever is scouring your home a jolt to stay back. It's probably just your kid looking for a snack if we're being honest, but the supreme nighttime vision will confirm that it's not a ghost like you're constantly worried about. If you need to rewatch just to be sure Casper isn't around the corner, you'll get 30 free days of Cloud space and an SD card for memory.

If you're in no need of a home cam but could use some surveillance on the go, this bad boy can also be used as a dash cam or body cam. Best case scenario, you do some really incredible people watching while you're walking down the street; worst case scenario, your new camera saves you from danger lurking around the corner away from your abode. Always better to be safe than sorry, and this camera ensures you'll have that extra padding.

Get the TOKK™ CAM C2+ Range of Smart WiFi Discreet Day/Night Vision Camera, which also includes a clip, stand, USB cable, and instruction manual, for $60.99 (Reg. $89).

Prices subject to change.