Save notes, subtitles, and drawings from your favorite YouTube tutorials for $29

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YouTube can be a mindless rabbit hole or a valuable learning tool depending on how you use it. If you want to pick up a skill like oil painting or playing the piano, for instance, you can find countless videos from hobbyists and experts alike who will show you the ropes for free. 

The challenging part is keeping up with all the info those YouTubers throw at you. And if you're trying to learn something new, you probably don't want to spend your time pausing and rewinding. A tool like VideoMark can make your entire YouTube learning experience a whole lot simpler. This Chrome extension allows you to take notes of your favorite videos, and subscriptions are currently on sale for $29, down from $48.  

VideoMark is pretty easy to use and is rated five stars on Product Hunt and four out of five on the Chrome Web Store. As soon as you've downloaded the extension, head to YouTube and start learning! Once you find a tidbit of information you want to remember, save the subtitles or take a screenshot. From there, you can use VideoMark's drawing tools to take notes directly on your saved frame, which can be valuable if you're learning a hands-on skill involving precise work, such as woodworking or automotive repairs. You can even control the video speed and create A-B loops to repeat complicated sections in a tutorial.

Once you've built a library of markups, you can tag your notes to keep them organized. Your notes and drawings are automatically saved on your Google Drive, so you can easily access them on multiple devices. Speaking of which, you can use VideoMark on your laptop while out and about and resume your work on your desktop at home. 

VideoMark currently supports 11 languages, including Deutch, Spanish, Chinese, and more, so you don't have to limit your learning to just English-speaking YouTubers. Lastly, VideoMark uses Google Cloud to keep your data secured — you don't even need to create a password! 

If you have a mountain of saved YouTube playlists on skills you'd like to learn, VideoMark can put your plans into action. Download the VideoMark Chrome extension for $29 and start taking video notes today. 

Prices subject to change.