Good Shirts is an incredible photo archive of the world's weirdest T-shirts

Good Shirts is an incredible photo archive of the world's weirdest T-shirts. The Instagram page is dangerously funny as it's hard to stop scrolling through once I start. Many of the shirts have misspelled sayings on them that are accidentally hilarious. Others are so cheesy that they're funny, and some of the shirts are just downright bizarre, like this one featuring a creepy deflated lady from an anti-pot PSA. 

From the Good Shirts website:

"Good Shirts began as an Instagram account documenting the strange and fascinating shirts found in Hanoi, Vietnam. While living in Hanoi, I became obsessed with these strange shirts that bore corrupted versions of famous company logoes, misjointed platitudes or complete nonsense text vomited all over a T-shirt. I sought them out at every marketplace like a thrifter searching for a hidden gem, though the gems I desired were not typically beautiful, but strange and rife with mistakes. Still, there was an accidental beauty to the shirts I found, something profound and hilarious-without-trying. Over time, as the Instagram page grew and as submissions poured in from all across the world, the theme of the account began to change to a more all-encompassing fun T-shirt enthusiasm. Today, I post shirts that, accidentally or on-purpose, make me laugh."