Beffudled Trump lovers don't know if "Let's F*ck Brandon!" shirts are good or bad

Watch Good Liars comedians Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefle troll and befuddle some folks at a recent Trump rally. In the first video, Davram Stiefle seeks out a "Let's Fuck Brandon" t-shirt from a vendor who is selling other Trump-branded gear, including "Let's Go Brandon" shirts (which, according to pretty much everyone, is Trumper-code for "Fuck Joe Biden"). But when the vendor is asked about a "Let's Fuck Brandon" shirt, he's suddenly confused. 


We asked for a "Let's F*ck Brandon" shirt at a Trump rally. #fyp #comedy #trump #letsgobrandon #funnyshirt

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In the second video, Jason Selvig is hawking "Let's Fuck Brandon" t-shirts. One Trump supporter says he wouldn't wear it, because he's "just not into the word." Oh, I guess Trumpers are just "into the word" when they think it's oh-so-cleverly disguised as "Let's Go Brandon." Sure, makes sense. In the end, though, Selvig manages to actually sell one shirt, for 30 bucks, to an unsuspecting Trump supporter. Guess they aren't as clever as they think they are. Sad!