Fraud-convicted MAGA pastor advises Trump to stall until he can pardon himself

MAGA pastor Shane Vaughn, the same gentleman who blames "demonic forces," not Fox management, for Tucker Carlson's ouster, advises his Lord and Savior, Donald Trump to delay his trial until he becomes President so he can pardon himself.

Pastor Vaughn is well-suited to advise Trump on legal matters. In 2010 the GOP icon was arrested and accused of "stealing a 2-year-old's identity to defraud a life insurance company," and "swiping $20,000 from an annuity he sold to a person that didn't even exist," according to WAFB:

Police describe Vaughn as a chameleon, changing his look and name repeatedly… Vaughn is also charged with bank fraud, issuing worthless checks and felony theft. Currently, he is being held in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a $25,000 bond. He was booked on similar charges in other parts of the state, including Livingston and Jefferson parishes.

MAGA cultists are no doubt gnashing their teeth with envy over Pastor Vaughn's Trump-like accomplishments.

Mugshot of John Shane Vaughn (Source: Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office)

Mugshot of John Shane Vaughn (Source: Louisiana State Police)