PlayStation 5 jailbroken

Sony's PlayStation 5 game console has been jailbroken, meaning that users may soon be running their own software on it. Marco Cocomello:

The most exciting part of the PS5 jailbreak comes at the end of the video where the hacker installs the infamous Silent Hills P.T Demo which was officially delisted from the PlayStation Store a few years ago. The hacker doesn't show the game launching but the fact that it can be installed is a huge step towards installing and playing games which are not officially licensed for the PS5. This PS5 jailbreak marks quite a big step towards enabling homebrew on the console too. Both the PS3 and PS4 are currently jailbroken and can be used to install custom themes, games, emulators and even unofficial game patches including the Bloodborne 60FPS patch. The patch is something you can't install on your PS4 unless you have it jailbroken and hacked.

Modern game console hardware is little different to that of basic gaming PCs. But they're sold cheaply to get Gamers hooked on the platform, thereby giving manufacturers plenty of reasons to lock them out of the system.