Herschel Walker's son goes on angry rant against the GQP candidate after abortion news (video)

After "pro-life" GQP candidate Herschel Walker was outed for allegedly urging his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion — and paying for it — his conservative 23-year-old son Christian Walker tore into him on Instagram for being an absent father. (See video below.)

"Family values people, he has four kids, four different women, wasn't in the house raising one of them!" said the DeSantis-loving Republican who has up until now supported his father. "He was out having sex with other women."

Christian said yesterday's abortion story, first reported by Daily Beast, was the last straw. "Okay I'm done. DONE. Everything has been a lie," he admits, saying he and his mother have stayed silent through Herschel's political run, but no more. "I stayed silent as the atrocities committed against my mom were downplayed … and you know my favorite issue to talk about is father absence — surprise! — because it affected me."

Although Christian's angry rant against Herschel would seemingly put a dent in his father's "family values" political campaign, this is the Republican party we're talking about — a party whose voters didn't seem to give a hoot when six of Arizona's Rep. Paul Gosar's siblings strongly spoke out against him. For now, Herschel and Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock are neck and neck, with Warnock leading by just two points, according to FiveThirtyEight.