Marjorie Taylor Greene is furious at her own party: "They did not repeal Obamacare!"

Although not one House Republican — including Marjorie Taylor Greene — voted for a short-term spending bill that included disaster relief money for hurricane-stricken Floridians, the legislation still passed, thanks in part to 25 Senate Republicans who joined with Democrats to do the right thing. This seems to have triggered Greene, who is now griping that GOP members of Congress never even repealed Obamacare when they had the chance.

"Let me tell you some other things they did not do. They did not repeal Obamacare! Didn't repeal it," the Georgia Qongresswoman said (see video below), angry that her party didn't snatch health insurance away from her voters. "They didn't fix it, but they couldn't even repeal it — they should have at least repealed it!"

In other words, to hell with these soft RINO Republicans in Congress who failed to prevent Americans from disaster relief and health insurance. The shame of it all.

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