No need to wait for Prime Day to get a modern vinyl player at a great price

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It's easy to stream music on your iPhone or your Alexa — but if you're a true music fan, you know streaming music like that just doesn't cut it. You end up sacrificing quality for convenience. The reality is that vinyl players are much better when it comes to broadcasting music than MP3s.

vinyl player may seem like an expensive commitment, but you don't need to wait for Prime Days to get one at an amazing price. During Deal Days, our version of Prime Day, you can find a ton of gadgets, apps, and more for incredible discounts — including this mbeat Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable. While it usually retails for $339, it's now available for just $269.99 during Deal Days, which runs through October 12, 2022. No coupons are needed! It's the best pricing for this product you'll find on the web.

Here's what separates the mbeat turntable from other similar options: The Bluetooth transmitter allows you to listen to records on wireless speakers and headphones while maintaining high-fidelity audio. It's all thanks to the solid metal platter built over a sub-platter system to keep the sound clear and crisp. Plus, it comes with an adjustable counterweight, anti-skating, and a moving magnet cartridge, to keep that quality.

Basically, you can have a record player of sorts, but one that connects to Bluetooth-compatible devices, so you get the best of both MP3s and vinyl players. "Most of the music is broadcast in some lossy format, where details are missed, and the overall quality is reduced. It happens because audio files get compressed to make them small enough to store thousands of them on the phone and to stream online … Vinyl is far more high-quality," Vox wrote in an explainer.

Make sure to snag the mbeat Bluetooth Hi-Fi Turntable for only $269.99, the best price on the web! But hurry! This turntable and the rest of our Deal Days discounts are only available until October 12.

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