RNC's Ronna McDaniel wants to sue Google because people mark GOP junk mail as "spam"

When the RNC sends out millions of fundraising emails on a daily basis asking potential suckers for money, of course most people toss the junk mail into their spam folder (or have already marked it as spam for direct delivery to said folder). And this infuriates the RNC's Ronna McDaniel, who thinks she can force the unwanted solicitations onto the public by suing Google.

"We are very seriously looking at how we can sue Google," said the chair of the Republican National Committee this morning on Fox. "Google controls 53% of the emails in the United States and they are suppressing right now Republican get-out-the-vote emails ahead of this election."

Good thing the stable GOP genii are using their time and funds wisely before the midterm elections.

Front page thumbnail image: Ronna McDaniel / Fox News (screengrab)