Junior attacks Speaker Johnson and all Republican leaders: "They are not our friends"

Last week Donald Trump praised Speaker Mike Johnson, saying the Christian Congressman was doing a "very good job." But Junior, in rare form, disagreed with daddy Trump, and instead stood in line behind Moscow Marge. "Enough already!" he wrote in a post, along with a montage of Johnson set to Curb Your Enthusiasm music in which he talks about securing the U.S. southern border.

"If you ever even begin to start believing anything anyone in Republican leadership tells you just watch this," he continued, angry that the speaker has focused on Ukraine aide while, in Junior's shut eyes, putting border security on the back burner.

"Pay close attention to those that don't seem bothered by this. They're not our friends," Junior warned, so wrapped up in the hatemongering MAGA movement that even Republicans — every GOP leader and follower of said leaders, apparently — have become the enemy. (See video below, posted by Ally Sammarco.)

From Mediaite:

Don Jr. is echoing the comments of other far-Right Republicans who are not happy about Johnson's decision to separate the foreign aid package from the border security bill. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) is starting to pick up support among hardliners, meaning Johnson could need Democratic support to keep his post.