Manhattan judge warns Donald Trump to behave in court — or go to jail

Like all things Donald Trump, the first day of his hush money criminal trial in New York started like a brewing storm. Not only did Judge Juan Merchan have to once again shut down Trump's attempt to have the judge removed, the fed-up Merchan then warned Trump to behave — or go to jail.

"Judge Merchan now warns Trump that if he disrupts the trial he could be removed from the courtroom and jailed," reported Meidas Touch News editor Ron Filipkowski. "He then says if he fails to appear in court, a warrant for his arrest will be issued." (See Filipkowski's post below.)

But that's not all. Prosecutors then asked the judge if he could fine Trump $1,000 for each social media post that violates the gag order, according to MTN, "and that he be warned that if he does it again he will be put in jail." As of now, the judge hasn't yet ruled on the prosecution's request.

The prosecutors then asked that Trump be fined $1,000 for each of his posts that violate the gag order and that he be warned that if he does it again he will be put in jail. They noted that one of the posts happened while court was going on today which was a photo of Michael Cohen calling him a serial perjurer. They also cited the post praising Avenatti's interview with Ari Melber and posts about Stormy Daniels.