Christian Bale recounts his most iconic characters

Christian Bale is one of those actors that can do anything. Bale has no problem oscillating between turning himself into an emaciated rail of man for offbeat flicks like The Machinist, only to subsequently anchor Christopher Nolan's multi-million dollar Dark Knight trilogy of Batman films. Bale can use his undeniable chops as a thespian to further elevate star-studded movies like American Hustle and The Big Short, or he can add credibility to awesome sci-fi films with ridiculous premises like Reign of Fire and Equilibrium. And when he really wants to show off, he can apply his trade so expertly that millions of customers who were planning on walking out halfway through Thor: Love and Thunder in disgust actually stick around to watch his performance. 

In the video linked above, Christian Bale sits down with GQ's YouTube channel to discuss his litany of roles and the preparation he underwent to play them.