Michael Sheen grilled by neurodivergent interviewers

"Are you scared of bats?" "What makes you cry?" These intriguing questions are part of a teaser trailer featuring Welsh actor Michael Sheen (Good Omens) for an upcoming one-off BBC special called The Assembly. The twist? Sheen faces a panel of 35 autistic, neurodivergent and learning disabled people, and no question is off the table. Not even a pointed one about Sheen's dating life.

The format is an adaptation of French show Les Rencontres Du Papotin, which saw the likes of Emmanuel Macron and Camille Cotin (Call My Agent) face the neurodivergent journalists of the Papotin. Gone was the flattery of the usual celeb fare – in its place, a mix of mischievous prodding, leftfield quizzing and profound exchanges. The superstars left completely off guard: actors asked about a driving ban or the death of a parent, the President asked if it's really the behaviour of a role model to marry one's teacher.


The Assembly airs April 5 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer for Autism Acceptance Week. If you're in the U.S., apparently there are workarounds to access BBC shows like this.

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