Utah Rep. John Curtis is not pro-choice and shrugs it off: "If you're a woman, it stinks"

Rep. John Curtis (R–UT) commiserated with the plight of women after the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

"I get it. If you're a woman, it stinks," said the man, who described himself as "unapologetically pro-life." But, like a dad explaining to his children who's boss, Curtis gently let women know who's in charge.

"Most of these legislators are men. Most decisions are made by men," he patiently mansplained. "I wish it were other than that. I wish, as man, I didn't have to make this decision, I wish women could make this decision." But with that said, he reiterates that it's up to the (male) state legislators to decide what is best for a woman.

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