Someone edited the new Super Mario Bros trailer to include classic sound effects from the game

Whenever Hollywood greenlights a movie, they try to create a film with a four-quadrant appeal. If you're unfamiliar with the term, four-quadrant appeal means that an entertainment product can effectively stimulate at least four demographics at once. The intent is to obviously cast the broadest net possible to, in turn, net the largest box office figure. When it comes to the new Super Mario Bros Movie from Illumination, one of the largest quadrants of the audience the film is aiming to satiate is children. However, there's also a rabid contingent of adult fans that have been longing for a decent Mario Bros movie since the SNES days. 

In the video linked above, some mad lad replaced the sound effects from the Super Mario Bros Movie trailer with the iconic audio snippets from the classic games. Here's hoping that the Illumination flick doesn't ruin the memorable tune for the invincible star by tossing whatever rapper has the hottest song this year.