Ouch! Ohio senate debate humiliating for J.D. Vance

I missed the debate between MAGA cultist J.D. Vance and Representative Tim Ryan, who are running for U.S. Senator from Ohio, but if these two clips are any indication, Ryan had a swell time pointing out that J.D. Vance is a Trumpian "ass-kisser" and a puppet of the Sackler family drug cartel. Vance just stood there like a befuddled grump.

Transcript 1:

Ryan: You know what I haven't done? I didn't start a fake nonprofit pretending like I was going to help people with addiction, like JD Vance did. He literally started a nonprofit and didn't spend one nickel on anybody. In fact, he brought in somebody from Purdue Pharma to be the spokesperson for the nonprofit, the same drug company, Big Pharma, the big drug company that had all the pill mills going, got everybody addicted. One million people dies, JD, one million people died, and you started a nonprofit that tried to take advantage of people in Ohio. And you know what? All you did with it was launch your political career. His campaign manager worked for that nonprofit. He ran a poll to check his own standing from that nonprofit. I'm not gonna take a backseat to you or anybody else on fentanyl, drugs or immigration or anything else.

Transcript 2:

Just a few weeks ago in Youngstown, on the stage, Donald Trump said to JD Vance, "all you do is kiss my ass to get my support." He said that. That's bad, because that means JD Vance is going to do whatever he wants. Mitch McConnell's given hin 40 million. He's going to do what he wants and Peter Thiel gave him 15 million, he's is going to do what he wants. And here's the thing that's most troubling about this lack of courage. After Trump took JD Vance's dignity from him on the stage in Youngstown, JD Vance got back up on stage and said, started shaking his hand taking a picture saying, "Hey, aren't we having a great time here tonight?" I don't know anybody I grew up with, I don't know anybody I went to high school with that would allow somebody to take their dignity like that and then get back up on stage. We need leaders who have the courage to take on their own party, and I've proven that, and he was called an ass-kisser by the former president.

Of course, no minds were changed in the debate because MAGA cultists are delighted by the prospect of having a Trump puppet in office, especially one who wants to force children to give birth to their rapist's baby. The cruelty is the point for the far-right, and if elected, Vance will deliver it in droves.