Herschel Walker now accusing ex-girlfriend who says he paid for abortion: "She is lying" (video)

Herschel Walker admits he now remembers the identity of his ex-girlfriend, who says he paid for her abortion more than 10 years ago (and has a check and signed "feel better" card to prove it). He also flat out says she is lying.

In an ABC News interview yesterday, reporter Linsey Davis asked, "If I can just get you to say a 'yes' or a 'no,' did you ever have a conversation with this woman, at any time, about an abortion?"

"No," Walker said.

"Did you ever, to your knowledge, give money to pay for the cost of an abortion?" she continued.

"No," Walker said.

"Is she lying?"

"Yes, she's lying. Yes, she's lying. Yes, she's lying," Herschel said three times, the universal number for wishful thinking.

In the end, will any of the sordid Herschel drama matter in the midterm elections? "Yes. Yes. Yes." (Said with fingers crossed, magic charm in other hand.)

Front page thumbnail image: Herschel Walker / ABC News (screengrab)