Teenager hilariously squeaks after accidentally swallowing part of a doggie toy (video)

A Texas teenager who accidentally swallowed the squeaky part of a doggie toy started to squeak himself every time he tried to talk or laugh. Although the mishap could have ended up a lot worse, it's hard not to laugh out loud when watching the video below, in which the squeaky 13-year-old entertains his friends while waiting at the hospital to have the small white whistle (that had been inside the toy) removed from his esophagus.

From ABC7:

13-year-old Johnathan Serrano told ABC News's Lionel Moise that he swallowed a dog toy by accident while he was bothering his mom instead of getting ready for a camping trip, landing him in the ER.

"He wasn't ready yet and he was sitting there annoying me with this dog toy and so I get this two-liter bottle and I'm like, 'Johnathan, I'm gonna hit you if you don't stop'," Serrano's mom said. "When I go to grab it, it's empty, and he ducks and swallows it (the toy)." …

The ER doctors put him to sleep and used a scope to retrieve the toy. The 13-year-old said he learned his lesson.

Front page thumbnail image: septiadi / shutterstock.com