TikTok influencer says she accidentally bought a $100,000 couch and is now tearfully begging her followers to pay for it

Quenlin Blackwell, a 21-year-old TikToker with 7.9 million followers, posted a video saying she "accidentally" bought a couch for $100,000. She is sobbing in the video and asking her followers to send her money to pay for it.

She recorded the video in the car. Crying and with tears streaming down her face, she says, "Pull over right now because I'm about to fuckin' throw up. I just put an offer on a couch, and I was joking, but I put in my card information, and it just charged my fucking account! I almost crashed my car when I saw it because I don't have the — Oh my god. I was joking. I was joking. If you have a million dollars, could you please donate it? Can you please donate, please? If you have a million dollars, could you let me borrow some, please?"

Commenters aren't showing much sympathy for Blackwell. Examples:

  • girl who puts in card info as a JOKE
  • how do u accidentally put all of your card info in and press purchase
  • WHO HAS 100,000 in their account for them to pull out
  • how do you joke but still put ALL of your information in

She posted a follow-up video but she's crying so hard I can't understand much of what she's saying, other than she thinks her car is getting repossessed, and she wants to throw up, and she doesn't
"want to do a job."


Replying to @bananachipz0 THEY WONT GIVE ME A REFUND ON THE COUCH

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