Incredible "Pan Solo in Carbonite" life-size loaf of bread

Star Wars fan Hanalee Pervan and her mom Catherine, co-proprietors of Benicia, California's One House Bakery, created this incredible "Pan Solo in Carbonite" loaf of bread. Now on display outside their bakery, the life-size sculpture is part of the Downtown Benicia Main Street Scarecrow Contest. Pan Solo's fate is dire though. After the competition, he'll be sent to the compost pit. From Eater San Francisco:

The technical processing of the creation is intense — rather than clay or paper mache, everything has to be feasible with dough. The edible art piece is mixed material but leans heavily on what's known as dead dough, or yeastless dough made with more sugar to keep its shape longer. All of the bottom pieces are baked until they're "rock solid," Hannalee says, then, slowly, the baked pieces are added to wood and metal. The duo used a heat gun for the finishing touches, after lots and lots of baking and molding. "It'll expand, it'll shrink, it'll crack," Hannalee says. "You never know with dough."