Mike Lindell hands out "free" pillows to Ian victims, then asks fans to pay for his donations (video)

Pillow peddler Mike Lindell did more than send his thoughts and prayers to victims of Hurricane Ian — he also promoted his MyPillow "bible pillows" on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast while standing in front of a destroyed house in Florida.

Although the former advisor to twice-impeached Donald Trump did supposedly hand out thousands of pillows to people in Florida who lost their homes, that's a cheap price to pay for a live commercial in front of millions of MAGA viewers. Especially when he's asking said viewers to pay for his publicity stunt.

"I just want to say this — we put these up on the War Room square on mypillow.com," he said, holding up the churchly product. "So they [viewers] can get themselves one and it helps support everything today, using the promo code 'War Room.'" Because in MAGA world, charity doesn't come for free.

Front page thumbnail image: melissamn / shutterstock.com