Check out these awesome unreleased tracks from Kid Cudi's Entergalactic by Dot da Genius

In one of the most innovative moves in modern music, Kid Cudi decided to up the ante surrounding the presentation of his new album Entergalactic. Instead of releasing the songs with accompanying videos, Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi chose to create a complete animated series that echoes the album's themes through narrative. Similar to a slew of his other projects, Cudi employed the talents of his frequent collaborator Dot da Genius to bring his vision of Entergalactic to fruition. Throughout his career, Cudi's work has been heralded as both innovative and introspective, and Dot da Genius has played a pivotal role in forging that reputation. 

Despite possessing a long-standing working relationship with Cudi, the process of scoring an animated series proved to be an exciting challenge for Dot da Genius. Last Friday, Netflix released the entire Entergalactic album, and by clicking on this link, you can access Dot da Genius' array of tracks for the animated series.