Herschel Walker gets message across in 2nd debate, using amusing empty podium strategy (video)

Georgia's GQP candidate Herschel Walker did a much better job in his second debate, this time letting silence represent him against his opponents Sen. Raphael Warnock and Libertarian Chase Oliver.

"Mr. Walker, a Republican, is a businessman and former professional athlete … and is represented by an empty podium," said the moderator during candidate introductions at the Atlanta Press Club on Sunday (see video below). The camera zoomed in on Walker's representative β€” an abandoned lectern with the mic set up and ready for action.

Earlier in his campaign, Walker tried to hide his three secret children from his own campaign, and on Sunday he himself did the hiding. But the empty podium stood its ground, saying all that needed to be said about the Trump-picked "pro-life" abortion supporter.

Front page thumbnail image: GPB/PBS (screengrab)