Conservative superhero movie project ends in all the money vanishing

Will Sommer reports on the comical and criminal failure of an "anti-woke" superhero movie project, about a character created by Theodore "Vox Day" Beale. The money raised is missing and one of the people involved is facing federal indictment: "I wouldn't count on us getting the money back," Beale told his well-fleeced flock.

Beale's history of racism could have made it difficult for Rebel's Run, which stars a character sometimes depicted in a Confederate flag bustier, to find traditional financing. He has claimed that certain races are more likely to commit violence and called one of his foes in the science-fiction dispute, a Black author, a "half-savage." Beale has affiliated himself with the Gamergate movement, opposes women's suffrage, and once described homosexuality as a "birth defect." Given that track record, he instead turned to Utah-based Ohana Capital Financial, a business aimed at customers that would struggle to get money elsewhere.

The bank turned out to be a crypto bro running a ponzi scheme funding various personal projects, and the money went to satisfy an earlier victim. Odd how the "Vox Day" tier of conservative gurus/activists function as moth lamps for, you know, thieves.

Anyway, what's the point of an anti-woke superhero movie? Anyone who wants an "anti-woke superhero" can just tell themselves that's what The Boys is about and won't notice otherwise.