New AI-based video from sci-fi prog metal heavyweights, Voïvod

Canadian prog metal heroes, Voïvod, released a new album earlier this year, Syncro Anarchy. The latest video for the track "Quest for Nothing" may look reminiscent of the band's distinctive art, done by drummer Away (aka Michel Langevin), but it isn't. The video was created by the band's webmaster, Luc Leclerc, using AI art.

Michel Langevin writes:

"When AI art started appearing online a few months ago, my jaw dropped to the floor. When Luc Leclerc, webmaster for Voïvod, showed me what he could do with AI animation, my jaw dropped to the basement! His video perfectly captures the dystopian side of the music and lyrics for "Quest For Nothing." Hold on tight to your seat and enjoy!"

The video also perfectly captures the look and feel of Away's art and the sci-fi mythology that underlies much of the band's music. Away's illustrations are such an inextricable part of the band's artistic statement, it's almost as if the art itself is a bandmember. One amazing feature of this Away-inspired, AI-based video is that every frame is a different piece of art. Go through and pause it to reveal more cool and arresting bio-mech imagery.

Now, thanks to their artificial intelligence assistants, the Waster, Korgull, and the irradiated minions of planet Morgoth have finally hacked their way into the electronic nervous systems of our world. Voïvod help us all!

Voïvod also has a new EP, Ultraman, coming out on Nov. 4. It is a tribute to the theme music for the "Ultraman" Japanese TV series.