Burger King just opened a new manga-inspired branch

The prestigious manga magazine Shonen Jump has always been able to adapt to the times. Over the decades of its existence, Shonen Jump—the publication behind most of the world's most beloved manga and anime—has shifted its focus from robots to muscle-bound kung fu warriors to gag books. Part of what has allowed Shonen Jump to weather the years is the inherent malleability of its content. As we trudge deeper into the 2020s, Shonen Jump has already launched a slew of hyper-popular series. One of the most popular series- that aptly showcases Shonen Jump's new direction- is the manga Spy X Family. The series focuses on a ragtag "family" with a father that's a spy and a mother that earns a living as an assassin. 

If you haven't heard of Spy X Family, don't worry; you will soon as the series is swiftly becoming the face of manga and anime. If you need proof of that claim, you can check out a new Burger King branch in Japan created to celebrate the frequently hilarious series. Click the arrows on the post embedded above to see the restaurant's interior.