Adidas ends Kanye West partnership

After a week of silence on Ye's now-vocal antisemitism, German apparel giant Adidas announced the end of its association with the artist also known as Kanye West today. The partnership, said to be worth billions of dollars a year to Adidas, was doomed by a growing boycott threat and intense negative publicity over its failure to act. Ye, in recent days, has been dropped by his talent agency, lost other sponsorship deals, and even been publicly denounced by legendary fashion reptile Anna Wintour, who had made a point of supporting him after the earliest stunts of his current tear.

The imbroglio began in earnest with a Fox News interview conducted by Tucker Carlson, cunningly edited to remove antisemitic remarks but soon leaked in full to other media, and followed by openly hateful statements on social media that got Ye kicked off Instagram and Twitter. He elaborated in further interviews, which had the knock-on effect of emboldening right-wingers eager to echo his views.

The sight of Nazis unfurling banners in support of its key celebrity endorser's antisemitic rants appears to have been the final straw for a German company with its own uncomfortable history of Nazism to chew on.