This 5-foot Lightning cable is on sale for $40 and comes in vibrant colors

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Running low on a cell phone battery can be stressful or even impact workflow, so it's wise to keep a long, durable Lightning cable handy. The VIBRANCE Connect USB-C to Lightning Cable will keep you fully powered up to ensure you never miss a beat. It's available now for just $39.99 and comes in seven attractive colorways.

You know when you're on the couch FaceTiming your friend, your phone is dying, and the closest outlet is super far away? With the VIBRANCE Connect Lightning cable, you can keep the conversation going because this cord is long enough to reach a plug across the room. Gone are the days of standing in the kitchen hovering over a tiny wall charger; the five-foot Lightning cable gives you more freedom to move about or stay cozy on the couch under your favorite blanket.

This cable is MFi Certified (made for iPhone/iPad Certified) and is compatible with Macs and PCs. The Connect cable won't keep you waiting around because it charges three times faster than your average power cord. With dual sync and charge functionality, you can sync data and juice up your device simultaneously. It conveniently brings life back to your phone while integrating files and information across your devices. 

Whether you're charging at work, at home, or on the go, this chic cable comes in a variety of colors and complements any space. The anti-stress reinforced connectors help prevent fraying and breaking. In addition, the sturdy nylon cables are built to last and can withstand pulling, tugging, and normal transport wear and tear. 

When your battery seems to be depleting, and you're in a hurry to charge, this innovative Lightning cable won't leave you stranded. Verified customer Carl L. called it a "Good heavy cable. It doesn't appear to be one that will easily fray and break. Worked with the Apple USB-C charger and iPhones."

Get the VIBRANCE Connect USB-C to Lightning Cable for only $39.99!

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