Catholic exorcist explains why he thinks women are more likely to get possessed by demons

Catholic writer Dr. Taylor Marshall, author of Antichrist and Apocalypse: The 21 Prophecies of Revelation Unveiled and Described and Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within, recently invited exorcist Father Chad Ripperger onto his podcast for some straight-talk about traditional gender roles in demonic possession. The Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger, whose name already sounds like a horror movie, is the author of the recently published Dominion: The Nature of Diabolic Warfare, and had this to say about women:

Most exorcists, about 80 or more percent of the people that come to them are women. There are two factors that we have, uh, observed, in what we think is the cause of that. First is that women are more victimizable and so they're more likely to become subject to, um, diabolic influence because they're victimized more often. Possession among women is also very often more tied to their, uh, victimization than it is their own particular sin, whereas men, it tends to be kind of the other way around […] It's usually because some guy's band, he's been watching porn, or something like that. With women, it's been she was molested when she was seven or something like that and so that's how the demon initially got in.

There might be something interesting to unpack here, if the Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger was speaking metaphorically. Could it be that what he calls "demonic possession" is actually just a person's repressed trauma, or else the manifestations of the toxic masculinity that society bombards upon men? What's that? No, it's because women are "victimizable" and dudes jerk off while listening to rock music? Okay cool got it.

The Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger also goes onto explain that Satan has always hated women, going all the way back to Eve. And also that women are more likely to stop and ask a stranger for directions, which makes them more susceptible to meeting demons in the first place.

So glad we have those demons to retroactively reinforce our assumptions about traditional gender roles!