Herschel Walker's second abortion accuser speaks out on camera: "I felt threatened" (video)

The second woman who accused Herschel Walker of pressuring her to get an abortion in 1993 spoke on camera for the first time today, saying the candidate for Georgia Senate had threatened her.

"He was very clear that he did not want me to have the child," she told ABC's Good Morning America (see below). "And he said that because of his wife's family and powerful people around him, that I would not be safe and that the child would not be safe."

"I felt threatened, and I thought I had no choice," said Walker's accuser, who has not released her name to the public. She described how she first went to an abortion clinic on her own, but couldn't go through with it and returned home. Later, Walker allegedly escorted her to the clinic to make sure she followed through with the procedure, giving her some cash to pay for it. But she entered the facility on her own, she said, while the gentleman waited inside his car.

"I felt like I had been manipulated."

Whether or not his supporters in Georgia feel manipulated by the "anti-abortion" candidate probably doesn't matter much, as long as they can own the libs.