Five reasons why Trump is still fighting to keep his tax returns hidden

Trump has learned that he can say or do anything, and his MAGA cultists won't stop worshipping him. So why does he keep trying to keep his tax returns hidden? CNN's Chris Cillizza says "several potential reasons jump to mind":

  1. Trump may not be as rich as he says he is
  2. He may not pay (or hasn't paid) his fair share of taxes
  3. A $73 million refund for his failed casinos
  4. Trump may have loans with foreign countries or individuals
  5. He might not donate much (or anything) to charity

I think the most likely reason is that Trump is not as rich as he says he is. He has been trying to inflate his wealth for years, and his tax returns would likely show that he is not worth as much as he claims. His ego would not be able to handle that, so he is doing everything he can to keep them hidden.